Eco-Wet (5L)

• Eco-Growth’s Eco-Wet is an environmentally friendly soil wetter.

• 5L bottle.

• Designed for fast water penetration, retention, water spread to stop channelling, and re-wetting in arid conditions.

• Breaks water repellence immediately.

• Can be applied to greens, fairways, ovals, turf production, home gardens and horticulture.

• Also enhances fertiliser retention, soil structure and promotes biological activity.

• Suited for environmentally sensitive areas.

• Australian made.



Product Calculator

    • (m)
    • (m)
    • (m) [10mm = .01m]
    • cubic metres

Use the product calculator to work out how much soil or mulch you need.

Conversion of 6x4 trailer load to cubic metres

  • 1 Trailer Load = 0.7 cubic metres
  • ½ Trailer Loads = 1.0 cubic metres
  • 3 Trailer Loads = 2.0 cubic metres
  • ½ trailer loads = 3.0 cubic metres

If you are not sure how much soil you will need for the job, using big strides, pace out the length and the width of the area in question. When you have this multiply the length by the width and multiply by the required depth. This is not the exact measurement but it will give you a guide to the quantity you will be needing. e.g one pace approx one metre.