Builders Choice Fast Setting Cement (20kg Bag)

  • Builders Choice Fast Setting Cement is a pre-blended dry mixture of grey cement, stone and aggregates, and special setting additives.
  • Packed in a 20kg bag – each 20kg bag will yield about 0.01m³ of finished concrete. You will need about 100 bags for each 1m³ of concrete required.
  • Do not use for structural concrete purposes.

Common Uses

  • General concreting applications where fast-setting characteristics are required.
  • Setting logs, clothes hoists, letterboxes, park benches, fencing posts.
  • Can also be used for repairs to concrete pathways where downtime is minimal.


  • Place mixture in the hole and add water. Mix well and concrete mix will set in roughly 5 to 15 minutes.



Product Calculator

    • (m)
    • (m)
    • (m) [10mm = .01m]
    • cubic metres

Use the product calculator to work out how much soil or mulch you need.

Conversion of 6x4 trailer load to cubic metres

  • 1 Trailer Load = 0.7 cubic metres
  • ½ Trailer Loads = 1.0 cubic metres
  • 3 Trailer Loads = 2.0 cubic metres
  • ½ trailer loads = 3.0 cubic metres

If you are not sure how much soil you will need for the job, using big strides, pace out the length and the width of the area in question. When you have this multiply the length by the width and multiply by the required depth. This is not the exact measurement but it will give you a guide to the quantity you will be needing. e.g one pace approx one metre.