Mulches and More are a family-owned and run business that supplies premium Perth mulch and compost products to professional landscapers, builders, and suburban gardeners.

Whether you need mulch for a large scale landscaping operation or for the construction of household garden beds, we can supply and guarantee the prompt delivery of our high-quality compost and mulch to anywhere within the greater Perth metropolitan area at the lowest possible price.

In our 30+ years within the landscaping industry, we have developed a solid reputation amongst local landscapers and garden enthusiasts for our unwavering commitment to delivering the best quality and competitively priced garden, plants, mulch and landscaping supplies.

Our unparalleled customer service and strong product knowledge allow us to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations. At Mulches and More, we will always strive towards providing you with a custom-tailored solution to your landscaping and gardening needs.

From karri and peat to black mulch, our range of Perth mulch and landscaping products are not only affordable in price, but they are 100% natural and produced from various organic matter and materials such as composted tree bark, recycled green waste, food waste, and animal manures.

At Mulches and More, we pride ourselves on not just our extensive range of premium Perth mulch and compost supplies, but also a wide range of garden pots, plants, sands, soils and other landscaping supplies. For the very best garden and landscaping products and the cheapest mulch delivery in Perth, look no further than your local experts, Mulches and More.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Your Perth Mulch & Compost Delivery Options?

Mulches and More supply a wide range of mulch and compost products which are available in sizes ranging from 30L bags to 1m³ trailer loads. For bulk purchasing, we can even supply you with a free, courtesy trailer!

However, we understand that not everyone had time to come in-store, so instead, we at Mulches and More can deliver our Perth mulch and compost products straight to you. Our delivery services are all performed in-house so we can pass the savings that you would normally be required to pay for a middle-man operated courier on to you.

At Mulches and More, we pride ourselves on our strong industry knowledge, premium mulch and landscaping supplies, and highly competitive pricing. With an extensive selection of products and the expertise necessary to guide you through it, trust that Mulches and More have everything you need to create an amazing outdoor landscape.

For more information on our mulch and compost supplies, send the Mulches and More team and enquiry or give us a call on 0407 084 734.

What Are The Features and Benefits of Your Perth Mulch?

Whether it’s the fan favourite karri and peat or the ever-reliable budget black mulch, all of our mulch products have their own unique set of features and benefits. Each mulch varies from each other, but within our entire range you will be able to find a product with at least one of the following benefits:

  • Packed full of nutrients from organic waste which helps optimise plant growth
  • Controls and suppresses weed growth
  • Allows water to penetrate evenly, enabling moisture to reach all sections of your garden soil
  • Helps retain soil moisture – especially during the hot, dry summer months
  • Protects your garden soil from erosion
  • Reduces evaporation of water from the soil
  • Prevents the transference of soil borne plant diseases
  • Can be used as ground cover in windswept areas or for sandy areas and verges with heavy foot traffic
  • Aesthetics and general decoration
  • Pest control properties
  • Helps restore turf vitality and encourages deeper root growth
  • Treats and deters sting nematode
  • Rich organic matter makes it ideal for establishing healthy soil for veggie gardens
  • Encourages earthworms and beneficial soil microbes, creating healthy soil and growing conditions

What Are Your Mulch Products Made From?

All of our mulch and compost products are uses materials that were sourced within Western Australia. The materials utilised in the production of our mulch range from:

  • Pasteurised tree grindings and fines
  • Sawdust
  • Bark
  • Woodchips
  • Dyed pine slither
  • Composted straw
  • Peat
  • Mushrooms
  • Karri